Safety Features



Capacity up to 12,5 Tons, with different fixation systems.

Monorail available in a straight and curved configuration.


Optional Features


          The monorail beam is built in coffin type beam or profile depending on the fixation system

          and nominal load

          Different configurations in straight line and curved line

          Surface Treatment: The entire metal structure is shot blasted in MARCOVIL Automatic  

          Shot Blasting Machine to grade SA 2,5, with painting scheme according to the

           surrounding environment.

          Lifting movement with two speeds or manual drive with chain

          Direction movement with inverter speed or manual drive with chain or manual push.

          Protection class IP55 for motors.

          Protection class IP55 for electric cabinet.

          Pendant control with plug connection and with or without independent movement.

          If it is electric:

          Load limiter.

          Lift limit switch.

          Direction limit switch.

          Acoustic and luminous warning signal.

          Emergency stop button on the pendant control and on the radio remote control.


          General external cut in the monorail electrical cabinet.

          Radio remote control.

          Detection cells when there is more than one electric hoist on the monorail

          Monorail handling tools.

          Stainless steel electric cabinet.

          Protection class IP65 for electric motors.