A more energy efficient and independent Global Industry that integrates the circularity of the economy concept in the production process, supported by technological systems grounded in the Internet infrastructure, will guarantee more sustainable economic and social progress for all of us and for future generations who will live in a Common World.


In the era of collaborating and sharing in real time, with an important and clear challenge for the sustainability of our Planet, Marcovil wants to contribute on a global scale, industrially transverse, in the design, development and manufacturing of technologies that increase efficiency and value of the World Industry and simultaneously improve the working conditions of the Employees. Always aiming the long term relationship commitment supported by an Industrial Service that generates value using the Internet infrastructure, reduces distances and favors cooperation between Users and Manufacturers.

Founded in 1987 and counting today with a covered production area of more than 10.000 m2, Marcovil is a technology based company in the field of mechanical engineering, dedicated to the design, manufacturing and commissioning of machinery and turnkey solutions to improve efficiency of the Industry and its working conditions.

Combining an innovative spirit with a strong knowledge in several fields of mechanical engineering, with the most advanced technology, Marcovil is recognized for its strong technological capability and autonomy which translates to a range of machines and industrial solutions of high reliability and precision, undergoing a continuous process of technological improvement.

From lifting equipment to forming technology and to the most innovative and advanced machines and turnkey solutions for waste separation and recovery of secondary raw materials, our strong technological commitment towards the Industry: Innovation, Sustainability, Reliability and Efficiency.


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Combining an innovative spirit with a strong knowledge in several fields of mechanical engineering.